Burioni on 12 patients cured of cancer without chemo or surgery: “Study leaves you speechless”

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Twelve patients with colorectal cancer recovered after six months of therapy with the drug Dostarlimab. The San Raffaele professor, Roberto Burioni, told Repubblica about the research of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (Msk) that presented these results: “Something never seen,” he wrote. In fact, twelve people had cancer – which was an advanced adenocarcinoma-that disappeared without chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. The drug in question “prevents the tumor from blocking immune cells“, explained the virologist who, however, specified:”There are only 12 patients and we do not know what will happen when the studies extend”. Burioni pointed out that only six months have passed and the tumor could return. His generic alterations made him more vulnerable. But treating a tumor only with a drug “is something amazing and that until now was difficult even to imagine”, explained the professor of San Raffaele.

The study was conducted on 12 patients with an average age of 54 years, 62% were women. The tumor in patients was at the second and third stages. They were given the drug Dostarlimab – a monoclonal antibody-every three weeks for six months.

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