Cermec, the Municipality of Carrara takes stock of the reclamation

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Mayor Arrighi: “Retiambiente is already moving in the first, he has proposed the possibility that the tenders for the reclamation are ready by December 15”

The administration of Carrara has organized at Palazzo Civico a discussion table on the future of Cermec, the company wholly owned by the Municipalities of Massa and Carrara dedicated to the circular economy that is following an ambitious industrial plan focused on the construction of a new anaerobic digestion plant to enhance organic waste.

“Our action to preserve Cermec and accompany it in the transformation of an innovative plant continues – explains the mayor Arrighi – In this meeting, strongly desired and organized by the Municipality of Carrara, we touched on many themes starting from the one, certainly more urgent, of the remediation preparatory to the realization of the new biodigester whose project is among those financed by the PNRR. In order to proceed in this direction, however, it is first necessary to find funds or financing lines that Cermec alone, being still in agreement, cannot obtain. For this reason Retiambiente is already moving in the first person and, in line with this commitment, has presented us with the possibility that the tenders for reclamation are ready shortly, by December 15”.

The meeting, in addition to the mayor Serena Arrighi and the assessors for the Budget and the Participate Mario Lattanzi and Carlo Orlandi, also attended the mayor of Massa Francesco Persiani and the councillor Pierlio Baratta, the representatives of the confederate unions Luca Mannini and Andrea Figaia for the Cisl, Alessia Salvatori and Franco Borghini for Uil, Angelo Fruzzetti and Nicola del Vecchio for Cgil and again the president of Retiambiente Daniele Fortini together with the coordinator of Pnrr projects Paolo Ghezzi, Alessandro Mazzei of Ato Toscana Costa and unique by Cermec Alessio Ciacci.

“Another topic that we addressed during the meeting – adds the mayor-was then that related to the way in which the Cermec plant will have to transit to Retiambiente, as provided for by the legislation, and regarding which careful evaluations are still underway. On this whole affair it is however our intention to keep the attention high and for this reason we have already planned a new meeting”.

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