Controlled access bins, in Siena “anomalous ” donations of waste from 4,500 users

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Buzzichelli: “From the monitoring we found that the majority of citizens behave correctly, but the service can still be improved with collective commitment”

A few months after the definitive start of the waste collection service through road bins with controlled access through 6Card, the Municipality of Siena and the manager Sei Toscana have concluded a first monitoring that has brought out some “anomalies” in the delivery of waste by about 4,500 users, to which letters were therefore sent with suggestions for a better separate collection.

“The objective of the monitoring is to intercept any errors and propose solutions, in agreement with the Municipal Administration, that can guarantee a more efficient service for the benefit of all citizens – explains the president of Sei Toscana, Alessandro Fabbrini –, thus contributing to the improvement of urban decorum and increasingly sensitizing the community to respect the few and simple rules to follow”.

In particular, the letters were sent to those who have never used the 6Card for opening the undifferentiated bins or to those who have made very limited use of it.

As is clear, the failure to use the container suggests an incorrect delivery and can also be a sign of abandonment of waste, resulting in multiple mini illegal landfills on the territory. Then there are those who have not given into the special bins of the differentiated: in this case the prevailing use of the container of the non-recyclable residual fraction (undifferentiated) highlights the lack of separation of waste.

The letters were sent, together with the “guide to differentiate”, to users who fall into at least one of these cases.

“From the monitoring we have found that the majority of citizens behave correctly, but the service can still be improved with collective commitment – concludes the municipal councilor for the Environment, Silvia Buzzichelli – A quality service cannot ignore the active participation of every citizen. A clean city that preserves and protects its beauty and a better quality of life depend on the behavior of each of us, for this reason we invite citizens to collaborate, also reporting any critical issues. Assuming right from the start good and correct habits is functional to obtain an increasingly high quality separate collection aimed at achieving the objectives of circular economy and recycling”.

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