Deaths reported in ‘massive’ shelling of Sloviansk

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Deaths reported in 'massive' shelling of Sloviansk

Regional authorities in Donetsk said two were killed and seven more were injured during heavy shelling on the Ukrainian city of Sloviansk on Tuesday, reported DW, quoting news agencies AP, AFP, dpa and Reuters.

Local governor Pavlo Kyrylenko made the announcement on Telegram and said Russian shells had targeted the city's market. AFP journalists in Sloviansk reportedly saw the marketplace hit as firefighters worked to put out the fire while three shells hit nearby streets.

"Once again the Russians are intentionally targeting places where civilians assemble," Kyrylenko wrote.

In 2014, Sloviansk was briefly controlled by Russian-backed forces before Ukraine could retake the city.

Vadim Lyakh, the mayor of Sloviansk, urged residents of his city to take shelter as his city faced "massive shelling."

On Facebook, Lyakh wrote his city was being hit in "the center, the north," and called on, "Everyone, take shelter!"

Since Sunday, at least six people have died and an additional 19 have been injured due to Russian shelling of the city.

On several occasions, residents have been urged to evacuate as the frontline closes in on the city that had a prewar population of around 100,000. Along with Kramatorsk, Russian forces have turned their attention to Sloviansk following the fall of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk in the neighboring region of Luhansk.

Meanwhile, a day after Russia claimed control of the Luhansk region, Pavlo Kyrylenko, the governor of Donetsk province in eastern Ukraine, urged the evacuation of 350,000 people.

Kyrylenko said that this would be a necessary step to save lives and allow Ukrainian forces to prepare defenses in towns ahead of a Russian advance.

"The destiny of the whole country will be decided by the Donetsk region," Kyrylenko told reporters.

"Once there are less people, we will be able to concentrate more on our enemy and perform our main tasks," he added.

The comments from the governor come as Russian forces bombarded the key city of Sloviansk.

Deaths reported in 'massive' shelling of Sloviansk

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