DFL boss rules out German SC games in KSA

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DFL boss rules out German SC games in KSA

German Football League (DFL) chief Donata Hopfen has ruled out Super Cup matches in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and backed the 50+1 rule which makes sure that investors can't take over clubs.

"The issue of a Super Cup in Saudi Arabia was never part of the plans and will never be," Hopfen said after Monday's DFL assembly.

Hopfen had not ruled out such a match, or Bundesliga play-offs, in an interview in February but admitted she should have phrased her statement on future plans at the time in a different way.

"I said that we must rethink things and must be open for innovation in many areas," Hopfen said.

Saudi Arabia is under fire over human rights issues but is hosting major sports events, including Formula One races and in football the Spanish Super Cup.

Looking at the 50+1 rule, Hopfen said that Germany was facing tougher international competition from investor clubs.

She said the Bundesliga must find its own way in which "the 50+1 rule is not up for debate" and which also assures "that we stay competitive on an international level."

The 36 Bundesliga and second-division clubs agreed at their assembly to continue with five substitutions per team in a game, a rule that the rule making Football Association Board is expected to make permanent, after it initially started due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The clubs also agreed on sustainability criteria to be added in future licensing procedures – such as a sustainability and environment strategy.

Clubs must also present a code of conduct for all club employees that outlaws any kind of discrimination and supports, equal treatment, diversity and inclusion.

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