EU agrees 6th package of Russia sanctions

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EU agrees 6th package of Russia sanctions

EU countries have finally agreed on a new set of sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, after last-minute wrangling with Hungary that threatened to derail the package, diplomats said Thursday, reported DW, quoting news agencies Reuters and dpa.

The new, sixth set of sanctions includes a partial ban on oil imports, and removes Russian bank Sberbank from the international SWIFT payment platform.

The 27 EU capitals now have until Friday morning to approve the package in writing.

Earlier in the week political leaders met to try and sign off on the package, but the final legal text had to be agreed to by ambassadors.

Eventually, the bloc agreed to allow Hungary to import oil from Russia by pipeline, even as the other EU countries stopped all imports, before Hungary raised the issue of Patriarch Kirill, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Hungary had said before the political leaders' summit that it wanted to remove him from the sanctions list, but that issue had not been raised during the summit itself. Kirill is known as an avid supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The other 26 EU members eventually agreed to Budapest's demands, in a compromise move hammered out at a meeting of EU ambassadors in Luxembourg on Thursday.

The dpa news agency reported conversations with an unnamed EU diplomat who said there was "some frustration and disappointment with Hungary" over the demands, but they had continued talks because the package was important.

EU agrees 6th package of Russia sanctions

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