European energy concerns dominate Scholz, Golob talks

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European energy concerns dominate Scholz, Golob talks

The concerns over energy supplies in Europe dominated discussions between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the new Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob in Berlin on Tuesday, reported dpa.

Solutions to natural gas restrictions as a result of the war in Ukraine should come from "within the community," Golob said on his first trip abroad since assuming the premiership.

The former entrepreneur was elected as prime minister of the EU country in May.

Golob said the construction of gas pipelines and power transmission lines should be boosted in Europe.

"In this way we can connect the wind in the north with the sun in the south, and we can make a very strong and stable system, a unified European system," he told journalists.

Scholz said the two leaders had held "very detailed discussions" over the role of wind and solar energy for the two countries.

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