Florida bride, caterer face felonies for cannabis-laced wedding food

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Florida bride, caterer face felonies for cannabis-laced wedding food

A Florida bride and caterer have been charged with allegedly lacing food at a wedding with marijuana and not telling guests at the event. File Photo by Atomazul/Shutterstock.

A Florida bride and a caterer face felony charges after authorities accused them of lacing the wedding guests’ food with marijuana, Seminole County deputies said.

Recently married Danya Shea Glenny, ⁠42, and Orlando caterer Joycelyn M. Bryant, 31, were arrested on April 18 after detectives had tested the food, the Miami Herald reported.

Of the 30 to 40 wedding guests, several people reported feeling ill after consuming the food at the Feb. 19 wedding in Longwood, about 15 miles north of Orlando.

Deputies were called around 9:30 p.m. to the Springs Clubhouse, where they said a 41-year-old man requesting an ambulance claimed to have felt drugged despite only consuming food and wine.

Other guests reported vomiting and stomach pains, according to the sheriff’s office, with others appearing too incoherent to speak to officers.

A realtor and friend of Glenny’s told local NBC affiliate WESH 2 News that she thought she was having a heart attack after dining at the wedding.

Deputies said Glenny told them that she hadn’t consented or requested that the food be laced with weed.

She and Bryant were charged with the Florida Anti-Tampering Act, culpable negligence and delivery of marijuana, and have court dates set for June.

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