From the Government new drilling while the completion of the geological Map of Italy is at risk

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Ispra: “It is not a simple colored paper, but an important strategic research infrastructure for the Nation”

Italian sustainable development passes (also) from the subsoil: there are fundamental water resources, renewable sources – geothermal energy – capable of producing five times as much energy as we need, critical minerals for the ecological transition. Yet we have only partial knowledge of all this, because in over thirty years the Geological Map of Italy has not yet been completed and now funding is running out (again).

This is the complaint that emerged today from Ispra, the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, during the Roman meeting The memory of the territory as a guarantee of the future: the Carg project.

Launched at the end of the eighties, the Carg project, which involves the creation of 636 geological and geotematic sheets at a scale of 1:50,000 that make up the entire national territory, was financed with a certain regularity until 2000 and 281 geological sheets (about 45% of the total coverage), 30 geotematic sheets and 6 sheets of geology of the Adriatic continental shelf at a scale of 1:250,000 were made and computerized.

After a long period of absence of funding, which lasted about 20 years, thanks to the economic resources made available by the three last Budget laws, it was possible to start between 2020 and 2022 another 67 geological sheets and 6 geotematic sheets. Now, however, with the resources allocated to the 2022 annuity, the funding dedicated to the Carg project will run out.

It is up to the Government to decide whether to refinance them or not. Before even deciding, curiously the same executive has decided to give a new green light to drilling to hunt for hydrocarbons along the Boot, in the face of evidently partial knowledge as well as not encouraging: the same Government estimates the presence of fossil resources very limited compared to the needs of the country, equal to over 70 billion Sm3 of gas a year: it is 39.8 billion Sm3 of certain resources (which could cover about 7 months of consumption), to which are added 44.4 billion Sm3 of probable resources and 26.7 of possible, not changing great speech.

“The one at risk – underline dall’ispra – is not a simple colored paper, but an important strategic research infrastructure for the nation, which today represents the most complete tool to read the past and present of our territory”.

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