Geothermal, the Minister of the Environment is available to evaluate the extension of the concessions

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Petrucci: “Our geothermal energy is another exceptional element of this extraordinary region, a worldwide excellence”

Last October 6, the Tuscany Region sent the Ministry of the Environment a new request for extension for geothermal concessions expiring at 2024 and, two days ago, Minister Pichetto opened the hypothesis.

This is what emerges from the response provided yesterday by the regional Councilor for the Environment, Monia Monni, to the question posed in the Regional Council by Diego Petrucci (FdI): “The minister has declared at least the willingness to assess what the roads can be to meet the needs of the Tuscan territories, unlike the previous minister (Cingolani, today consultant to Pichetto, ed), which instead had a net closure. The conversation we had with the minister was an important novelty, we will at least have the opportunity to explore the possibility of an extension”.

This is a crucial game for Tuscany, which owes 70% of its renewable energy production to geothermal energy; in fact, so much electricity is generated every year from the renewable heat of the Earth to be equivalent to over 30% of Tuscan demand, without forgetting the contribution offered by district heating in 9 municipalities where the waste of geothermal power plants allows heating at costs more than halved – even beyond the current energy crisis – compared to those related to fossil fuels, without the related emissions of polluting and climate-altering gases in the atmosphere.

At the base of the activity of these power plants are precisely the mining concessions for the use of geothermal energy, whose deadline is aligned to 2024. There is talk of ” eight expiring geothermal concessions, the owner of which is Enel green poer

The mayors of the territories concerned have long been pushing for an extension of the expiring concessions, while for its part the current manager – last March – shared with the Tuscan unions Filctem, Cgil-Flaei, Cisl-Uiltec and Uil a proposal that provides for investments of 3 billion euros in the face of a fifteen-year extension.

In such a context, the Region is moving on two parallel tracks: “On the one hand the continuous request for the possibility of extension and in parallel we are structuring ourselves to make the race”, underlined Monni, explaining that the formalization of a working group within the Region for the preparation of the race is underway, while at the same time a preparatory study has been launched for which a scientific collaboration agreement is being defined with the Cnr Institute of Geosciences and georesources.

The assessor has at the same time highlighted “the extreme complexity of the procedure in progress”, for a race whose presumed total value “will be very high, higher than all the races so far managed by the Tuscany Region, without, however, there is an experience in the matter even at national level”. One more reason to support the extension.

“Thanks to the councilor for the novelty that brings to attention the opening of the minister with respect to the possible extension. The defect of these years remains – replies Councilor Petrucci – in the photo, ed) – We all know that the race is the most complex that Tuscany has ever faced, we would have expected that the region had set in motion in time to arrive at the natural expiration of the concessions without the risk of an interregnum phase that would be disastrous for everyone. The extension must be sufficiently large, we believe it to be at least ten years. A short extension would probably be even more damaging than the possible interregnum. Our geothermal energy is another exceptional element of this extraordinary region, a worldwide excellence. With the interventions and investments already put in place by the current concessionaire could reach 6% of the national needs. We risk wasting it, because geothermal wells must be cultivated to prevent them from being depleted”.

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