Good for recycling, bad for landfills: Italy’s double face on waste management

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Ciafani (Legambiente): “The circular economy in Italy is not considered enough”

The debate promoted today at Ecomondo by Conou, the National Waste Oils Consortium, has allowed us to take stock of waste management in our country and the perception that they have in Bruell

“Europe is aware of the levels of recycling that make Italy an excellence for the circular economy – said Mattia Pellegrini, head of the Directorate General for the Environment in the European Commission – just as it is worse on the side of landfills, with a high rate of infringements and fines. We are always available if you want to come and dialogue to seek together a remedy to this situation”.

Lights and shadows on the Italian model, but in any case it is good to curb enthusiasm: looking at the overall rate of use of material from recycling (Cmu), Italy in 2020 reached 21.6%. This is one of the best results in Europe – our country is behind only France (22.2%), Belgium (23%) and the Netherlands (30.9%) – but it still means that 78.4% of our economy is not yet circular. Along the Boot there are many excellences in terms of waste management, but what is missing is the ability to put them in the system.

“Italy cannot underestimate the circular economy, especially in the context of climate emergency – comments the president of Legambiente, Stefano Ciafani – It is essential that the Italian institutions have a different protagonist on the circular economy.  We must, with all institutions, be interested in helping the best companies to do better and support others to become excellence”.

Excellence that is already at home in Conou, which has come to regenerate 98% of the used oils collected: “The circular economy in Italy is not considered enough – concludes Ciafani – yet we have the chain of used oils, from harvesting to regeneration, which represents a concrete experience of which we should be proud in Europe, because we are better than other countries”.

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