Jahongir Artikkhodjaev outlined the deadlines for eliminating problems on the roads of Tashkent

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“You are aware that over the past 50-60 years there has not been such an amount of precipitation in Tashkent. After them, the asphalt showed its true quality, large pits appeared on the roads, residents are outraged. This is the situation on every street, in every district,” Jahongir Artikkhodjaev said.

The khokim instructed all district khokimiyats, together with all relevant organizations, to repair all major roads of the city within ten days.

“I understand that there is a lot of work, the city is not small. If necessary, organize work in the evening. I will ask the internal affairs bodies and traffic police officers to ensure convenient movement along the streets where repairs will be carried out. We will not forgive if the work is not completed within ten days,” he said.

The Tashkent City Prosecutor was asked to monitor the quality of the work performed.

“Ask your employees to rest during the day and work in the evening. Let them work when there are no cars on the roads. We usually work when there are a lot of cars, when people go to work. When people go to work or come back, clean everything, clean the places. No need to close the roads during rush hour, to interfere with everyone. People will have problems at work, nerves. They will strictly control this process. If there are complaints that you work during rush hour, the prosecutor will establish control himself. Repair roads, but don’t let it affect people’s mood. Ten days,” he concluded.

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