JF changes the comment option

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Tastatur In the future, only subscribers will be able to comment at JF

JF changes the comment option

JUNGE FREIHEIT will soon change the rules for comments on its website. We are taking a step that we have not taken lightly.

At the end of last year, I wrote a provocative comment: “Online comments annoy”. There I explained:

Lively reactions

Admittedly, this was a bit exaggerated. The number of registered commentators now amounts to more than 20,000. Yet there is a hard core and among them trolls (strife hansel). I also mentioned the amount of work that the exploding number of reader comments triggers:

Subsequently, there were lively reactions. Some feared that we might be able to abolish the comment function altogether, feared politically correct censorship “as with established media”.

Two main challenges

But there were also many letters of agreement from JF readers who were relieved that an important problem had been identified.

Overall, we faced two major challenges:

  • Due to the gratifyingly strong increase in the number of visits to our website (more than doubled compared to the previous year) and the rapidly growing readership, the number of reader comments has literally exploded.
  • Like other media, we have to contend with comments that are sometimes punishable, but also hurtful and insulting, which is why automatic activation is excluded. The reader comments must therefore be reviewed by editors and actively activated. The amount of work required for this has now reached a level that forces us to make changes.

Due to the fact that so far EVERYONE can participate in our discussion and this also under a PSEUDONYM and not under a real name, this is an invitation to trolls and even political opponents of our newspaper to use the comment column as a garbage dump for their statements. As a result, many discussions quickly get a flipside, become tiring, intellectually barren – a direction that they probably would not get alone among the paying subscribers of our newspaper.

Only subscribers can comment

We have therefore decided to implement the following technical change from Monday, April 11:

  1. In the future, only those who have a JF subscription (printed, online or trial subscription) and have authorized themselves via a registration area will be able to comment. It’s a simple process.
  2. For the time being, it will still be possible to comment under a pseudonym as before. And we particularly welcome to express ourselves under real names – we editors do the same.

We very much hope that this step will be received with understanding by our readers and friends. The main thing for us is to somehow get to grips with the sheer mass of comments. But also to contain nonsensical comments and to raise the level of the debate.

And please: Support us in financing JF-Online. By subscription or by donation.

Keep us weighed.


Dieter Stein
Chief editor

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