Merkel justifies gas deals with Russia

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Ex-Kanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) hält ihre Gas-Geschäfte mit Rußland für richtig Former Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) believes her gas deals with Russia are right

Merkel justifies gas deals with Russia

LISBON. Former Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has justified the gas deals with Russia during her term in office. “From the perspective of that time, it was very rational and comprehensible to also obtain tap–connected gas from Russia, which was cheaper than LNG (liquefied natural gas) from other parts of the world – the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar,” the Christian Democrat said during an event in Lisbon, the dpa news agency reported.

Merkel justified her decision by saying that cheap natural gas was needed during the transition period of the energy transition, “in order to then, of course, one day to completely come to CO2-free forms of energy”. You always act in the time you are in, she advertised for understanding for her course at that time. “We have phased out nuclear energy. We wanted to step by step – and still want to – get out of coal.“

Merkel’s government responsible for nuclear phase-out

With regard to the changed world situation due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the former chancellor said: “Even during the Cold War, Russia was a reliable energy supplier. I have never believed that there is such a thing as change through trade, but definitely connection through trade. And in this respect I do not regret decisions at all, but believe that it was right from the perspective of that time.“

Under the impression of the reactor accident in Fukushima, Japan, as a result of an earthquake in March 2011, the then federal government under Merkel had decided to phase out nuclear power. Despite the energy crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine and the sanctions imposed by Russia, the traffic light coalition is sticking to the nuclear phase-out, but is arguing about limited term extensions for the still existing power plants. (AG)

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