Moutai-Paloheinä tournament charms golfers in Helsinki again

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Moutai-Paloheinä tournament charms golfers in Helsinki again

The third Moutai Golf Cup 2022 was held at the Paloheinä Golf course in Helsinki on Saturday for the second consecutive year jointly hosted by Moutai Finland and Poloheinä Goft course.

More than 100 local and international golfers from Helsinki and outside of the capital region participated in the tournament in two categories- Couple Scramble and Range.

Pasi Santala and Timo Vikman won the Couple Scramble with the best handicaps while the Long Drive award went to Juha Korhonen in Range, the organisers said.

"Hopefully there will be more this kind of events at Paloheinä golf, we will definitely participate again," said Pasi Santala and Timo Vikman.

As received positive feedbacks from the last year participants, Moutai Golf Cup this year also welcomed international golfers from outside of Helsinki capital region, said the organisers.

“We have seen a lot of last year players coming back to the event. They keep the same Moutai caps and come to compete again. They expect to meet and socialize with each other when the social restriction is totally lifted off now,” said Tang Chao, the representative of Moutai Finland, the main organizer of Moutai Golf Cup 2022.

Moutai-Paloheinä tournament charms golfers in Helsinki again

In addition to the Paloheinä Golf club members, the event also attracted amateur players without professional background.

“The good thing about golf is whether which levels the players are at, they can always come together and enjoy the outdoor atmosphere” Chao added.
“With only 15-minute drive from Helsinki city center, Paloheinä golf course is still an ideal venue for the event”, he said, appreciating the all-out cooperation and support from IFK Helsinki and the Paloheinä Golf course.

Golf is amongst the most popular sports of the 100-year IFK Sport club. Chao believed it is a good platform to promote their product Moutai Spirit as well.

“We offer tasting event after the competition as a party for everyone,” said Jouko Heikura, Owner of the Paloheinä Golf course terming the relationship between liquor and golf as elegant.
The competition was followed by a Gala Dinner this year where sports organisers, golfers, cultural personalities, local politician and diplomates took part.

Rene Osterman, chairman of IFK, the oldest Sport club in Finland, Member of Finnish Parliament Mika Niikko and the Counsellor of Chinese Embassy’s Cultural Affairs in Finland Yi You were present among others on the occasion.

“We really enjoyed the Mid-Autumn Festival Gala dinner with Moutai, especially we now understand Chinese culture and essence of Moutai products and craftsmanship while enjoying authentic Chinese food,” the winners Pasi Santala and Timo Vikman said.

Moutai-Paloheinä tournament charms golfers in Helsinki again

”We aim to offer full experience of our product, Moutai spirit and promoting Chinese traditional culture when the Mid-Autumn festival is coming close”, said Chao.
He said, as the main gateway from Asia to Europe, Finland plays an important role in China’s strategy of promoting and facilitating Chinese products and culture in Europe.

Such event like Moutai Golf Cup is a good platform to bring two countries closer.

”In the long run, we plan to organize the event in bigger scale, for example, Moutai Open Scandinavia. We can invite players from other nordic countries. Finland is well known for its beautiful golf courses. We have been finding the ideal venue for such bigger event,” Chao added.

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