Not only circular economy, Revet invests to optimize energy efficiency

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Adopted a new solution to control the entire electrical infrastructure, which also allows full real-time visibility of the entire network

Revet represents one of the most important recycling hubs in central and southern Italy: it is here that the separate collections of packaging (plastic, glass, aluminum, steel and poly-coupled such as tetrapak) of over 200 Tuscan municipalities are selected and started to recycle, and above all of over 80% of the regional population.

Everything takes place in a structure that, in Pontedera, covers over 90 thousand square meters: ensuring maximum operational continuity in an environment of this size is a complex challenge, which also depends on the ability to guarantee the reliability and full efficiency of the electrical distribution system.

For this reason, Revet has put in place a new investment to optimize energy efficiency, turning to Schneider Electric technologies – Ecostru soluzioni.

A generalized plant shutdown, in fact, in a context of this size can even cost tens of thousands of euros, not to mention the effects that a prolonged stall of activity would have on an essential service for citizenship such as waste management.

In more detail, at the medium voltage level, Revet’s activity is served by five cabins with a ring structure with the implementation of selective logic between the MT protections of type IEC61850 through the use of Goose protocols. This choice allows to guarantee the maximum continuity of service by continuing to supply electricity isolating any failure; moreover, to ensure an accurate quality control of the power supply input from the network in the first reception booth was installed the analysis instrument of the POer

The management with supervision and control of the entire local electricity distribution network is ensured by the Schneider Electric Ecostru Po

The data collected from the connected electrical components with which the distribution system was built provide operators with a complete and real-time picture, exploiting the potential of digital in a highly secure environment also from the point of view of the risks of cb

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