Online pharmacies: an increasingly successful trend

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The statistics speak for themselves. The Covid-19 emergency has not only produced disastrous side effects on the Italian economy, but has given rise to a series of interesting phenomena.

The growth concerns in particular the online market which has experienced positive growth in the last decade, including the current year. The data for 2022, which we remember are still partial, speak of a +14% for online purchases, with figures capable of touching a total income of 45.9 billion euros. To be interested all sectors such as, for example, clothing, food, catering and even pharmaceutical. In this article we focus precisely on online pharmacies, a trend in constant ascent and increasingly successful.

What are online pharmacies?

Let’s try to clarify. Physical and online pharmacy are not the same thing. These are activities that have different characteristics, peculiarities and even benefits depending on the customer. Something that involves multiple aspects: from products available to purchase, to customer service, up to the very choice of the specific activity present on theeb

In this sense, to confirm one of the most interesting online realities are the pharmacies of the Doctor Ma catena chain, which present a wide assortment of medicines, supplements, dietetics, cosmetic products as well as dedicated to the well-being and hygiene of the person. Proposals which are perfectly in line with national legislation.

Starting from 2015, in fact, according to DL 17/2014 pharmacies that have professionals qualified to sell medicines for each symptomatology can also make online sales. But let’s go into more detail.

The differences between physical and online pharmacy

Let’s start with the physical pharmacy. This deals with the sale of over-the-counter and prescription drugs. It has a defined physical location, complete with a traceable and precise address like any other in-person activity, as well as weekly opening/closing times. Going to a pharmacy in the presence of the person has the opportunity not only to obtain the desired product, but also to have a face-to-face comparison with qualified professionals: pharmacists, in fact.

Therefore, the pharmacist it is a healthcare professional who presents an ad hoc qualification. His perform main ones are:

  • Preparation of medicines.
  • Control of medicines and verification in the dispensation, which is essential to take place in the correct way.
  • Control of therapy and possible side effects that pharmaceutical preparations may present.

It is, therefore, a reference figure that has all the tools to advise with respect to the purchase of medicines, whether the medical prescription is present, or not.

The online pharmacy

What about the online pharmacy? It is an activity that is related to a physical store and makes it possible to order online exclusively drugs that do not require a prescription: those that need a prescription can only be obtained in physical pharmacies.

It is, therefore, two different solutions, in which one does not exclude the other since each has specific advantages. Online pharmacy, for example, allows you to do not submit to opening/closing times: it is always open, h24 and without any constraint.

You can also access a comparison with a pharmacist through a telematic consulting service. For example, pharmacies Dr Max they provide a toll-free number active from Monday to Saturday (8:00/20:00) and a consultationh

The shipment is made directly at home or at the home you prefer, generally with delivery within 24/48 hours.
Payment is made in a totally tracked and secure manner, according to the most common types present on theeb If once these were solutions that presented risks, today, thanks to the evolution of technology, this is no longer the case. A factor that has become one of the key points of the success of the online market, of which online pharmacies are a part.

Products available at an online pharmacy

As we have mentioned, with regard to medicines at an online pharmacy you can only buy all those products that do not have a prescription. This includes the so-called SOP (non-prescription drugs) e OTC (over-the-counter drugs or self-medication). The problems in which this type of solutions prove useful and effective are, mainly:

  • Flu and cold;
  • Digestive system;
  • Gynecological disorders;
  • Sleep disorders;
  • Eye condition;
  • Inflammatory and painful states;
  • Allergic conditions;
  • Hair loss;
  • Vitamin deficiency;
  • Problems related to circulation.

There is no shortage in an online pharmacy items such as homeopathic products, parapharmaceuticals, but also veterinary medicinal products specific for our four-legged friends, medical and cosmetic devices.


The advantages of choosing an online pharmacy are many and start in the first place from the fact that you can obtain a considerable savings in the face of products of undoubted quality such as those of the herbal tradition. This is also thanks to the inclusion of constant promotions. In addition, you are less bound to schedules, with a saving of time related to the possibility of
receive delivery quickly at the desired address.

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