Serbia, Kosovo reach deal on entry/exit documents

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Serbia, Kosovo reach deal on entry/exit documents

The EU chief diplomat Josep Borrell tweeted on Saturday that Serbia and Kosovo have reached a deal on exit and entrance documents that haves caused tensions in recent days between Belgrade and Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, reported Xinhua.

"We have a deal. Under the EU-facilitated Dialogue, Serbia agreed to abolish entry/exit documents for Kosovo ID holders and Kosovo agreed to not introduce them for Serbian ID holders," said Borrell on his Twitter account.

Borrell added that Kosovo Serbs, as well as all other citizens, will be able to travel freely between Kosovo and Serbia using their ID cards. The EU just received guarantees from Albin Kurti, the leader of the government of Kosovo, to this end.

"This is a European solution. We congratulate both leaders on this decision and their leadership," said Borrell.

Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Serbia rejects it and considers Kosovo its own province.

Tensions rose between Serbia and Kosovo, with ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo blocking roads and erecting barricades on July 31 to protest Kosovo's decision to oblige them to use vehicle license plates issued in Pristina. Kosovo later agreed to continue to recognize Serbian-issued license plates and documents until the end of August.

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