The Italian Association agrivoltaico sostenibile was born, to combine agriculture and photovoltaics

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Scognamiglio: “The sustainability of an agrivoltaic system derives from the added value brought to agricultural production, the environment and the landscape”

Agrivoltaic is a system in which agricultural activity and photovoltaic energy production coexist on the same field, with mutual benefits: for example, the shade generated by photovoltaic panels reduces the temperature of the soil and the water needs for crops, and at the same time the farmer can use and/or sell the renewable energy he produces.

To promote this reality, the Italian Association Agrivoltaico sostenibile (Aias) has just been founded, which brings together institutions, trade associations and companies in the sector. At its helm is the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (Enea), together with a large group of founding members: Eta Florence reneable

Membership of the association as a member remains open to all the realities involved in the development of agrivoltaico such as institutions, companies, cooperatives, associations and any legal or private figure, who share the vision of sustainable agrivoltaico promoted by the association.

“A sustainable agrivoltaic system has performance characteristics such as to guarantee the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the work with respect to the three dimensions agriculture, energy, and therefore landscape – explains Enea researcher Alessandra Scognamiglio, as president of Aias – The sustainability of an agrivoltaic system derives from the added value brought to agricultural production, the environment and the landscape, respecting and/or improving biodiversity and ecosystem qualities of sites and local communities”.

An approach therefore reversed with respect to the unfounded alarms that see the spread of renewable energies as a danger for Italian agricultural soils. Suffice it to note that-as Legambiente, Greenpeace, Italia solare andf

“The integration of renewable energy projects with the surrounding landscape has always been a main objective for our company – confirms Alessandro Migliorini, countr manager manager of European energ Italia

Combining agricultural production with renewable energy will at the same time allow operators in the agricultural sector to find new resources to develop crops and investments; as a country characterized by high quality agricultural production, Italy will therefore be able to benefit particularly from this approach.

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