The PD square will support everything and its opposite, in perfect Letta style

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On States General Arun Chaudhary he writes: “There is a volatile element in the electorate around the world. Elections do not happen by themselves, but in cycles. We have witnessed a previous election cycle that began in Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany and continued in the United States and Germany with the election of Biden e Scholz, showing that when the traditional center-left attracts the civic left and ” sing The pendulum is going to shift in the opposite direction, as these governments fail to deliver results. The unexpected success of Count September 25 was obviously just the beginning. On October 30, the Brazilian president Bolsonaro he again exceeded expectations, coming within 2 points of the winner left Lula. Bolsonaro doesn’t have much more than a 20 percent base to start from, but he more than doubled it, outside of the polls, because many voters were waiting in the wings and were sick of being told that they “had to” vote for Lula. And now, on October 30, a vote for Bolsonaro is not only a vote for his bland and dangerous right-wing vision, but also a way of saying: “I want real choices, I want democracy”. The Swedish right overtook the center-left social democrats, supported by these swing voters, some of whom were not convinced of sincerity and others of the effectiveness of imitating the right’s “tough against crime” security messages, but all did not believe they were being heard. The Israeli electorate, which has already put together a right-wing coalition to put aside Netanyahu, has now put together another right-wing coalition that includes some of the most unsavory figures on the Israeli right for bring Netanahu back to power. Voters around the world have been told they must vote for the center-left to avoid the right. For the most part in the last two years they have done so. “With work and time, of course, the voters will return to vote for the center-left, as we have just seen with the successes of the Democrats in the midterm elections, but unless their voices are incorporated into party structures and political programs, unless their desire for democracy is heard, it will once again be a temporary visit,”he said.

Here is a particularly interesting reflection that reasons, on a global scale, the demand for democracy that comes, sometimes with sudden and unexpected movements, from the base of Western societies: in general, globalization has frightened the middle and popular classes who seek democracy as an instrument of defense. The new generations pass from detachment to an intense participation when it is possible to motivate them, the strong movement of female protagonists is expressed today both on the liberal side with the defense of the conquered freedoms and on the conservative one with the attention to family values. Divergent positions that felt depressed by the automatisms of technocracies and the dictatorship of single thought, are taking up the word with even abrupt shifts in the vote. Perhaps a return cycle of politics has begun.

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On Open Felice Florio he writes: “Among the dems, a signal of openness comes from the President of Emilia-Romagna:” I appreciated that Calderoli he said the draft is withdrawable because there is no government position. However, no one is against autonomy, but to continue and find an agreement, precise conditions must be achieved, which are a framework law and the definition of the Lep and then the school must be removed from the table”, he says Stefano Bonaccini. In the same vein as the president of the Conference of the Regions, the Governor of Tuscany Eugenio Giani: “For years this path has been going on and will proceed, because it is already in the facts. We already have forms of self-organization to give greater benefits to citizens, ” he says. To draw the sums of today’s meeting between the Presidents of the Region and Calderoli is Massimiliano Fedriga: “There was a positive discussion within the Conference. There have been stances that have emphasized some critical issues that need to be resolved, but no one has made barricades. I have seen a positive climate on the part of everyone, with different nuances, but there is the will to go towards a process of autonomy and also finally of implementation of the Lep”, said the president of the Conference.

The Constitution defends the rights of all citizens and therefore the search for “essential levels of provision” of services that must be guaranteed universally. The question is whether to support the areas that require support we must retain those that can govern themselves independently, as always provided for by the Constitution.

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On Huffington Post UK Gabriella Cerami he writes: “Time in politics matters so much and this time he has not been overcome on time by Giuseppe Conte. Enrico Letta he preceded President M5s by announcing before him the date of the PD demonstration against an “improvised and unfair” maneuver approved yesterday by the government Melons. It will be December 17 in Rome and at this point it’s up to the E premier premier, who yesterday announced that M5s would take to the streets without however giving a date, decide what to do, whether to dialogue with the dems around a common platform or whether to continue on its way alone, increasingly splitting the already abundantly torn opposition front”.

The PD’s protest square will be very articulated: on the one hand there will be those who defend the citizenship income, on the other those who oppose it; on the one hand those who want a budget deviation, on the other those who oppose it; on the one hand those who want regional autonomy, on the other those who oppose it. It is the” lettinism ” beauty!

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On Subsidiary Carloean he says: “The West pulls out because it has no desire to meddle in greater things, which would require the expenditure of men and resources. We exploited the Kurds when they were comfortable to fight ISIS, but now with the energy problem we Italians first have to be careful. From Azerbaijan through Turkey comes gas for us and if the Turks close the taps we remain seriously without heating and energy”.

Are Ankara’s military interventions in Syria humanitarian? And so in Armenia, in Libya and gradually relaunching the ghost of the Ottoman Empire?

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