The title of Amicone’s book Amicone invented it

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Have bed that Isabel D A, the President of the Community of Madrid that you invited to Caorle, has made some rather strange statements about abortion. What did he say?

Adele Sorbi

In fact, he made a number of statements that we did not like. You have always said that you do not want to intervene on the law on abortion, but that you are in favor of policies for life and that you want to enhance the latter (in essence, the same position as Giorgia Meloni in Italy). Asked about the government’s law that allows girls as young as 16 to terminate their pregnancy without parental consent, she reiterated that “we must try to avoid it” but, rather surprisingly, she also said that, despite the fact that parents must be informed, “if a woman is determined to have an abortion she must be able to do it”. In doing so, AusoUso has distanced herself from the position of her party, expressed by the leader N FeEz Feio Sin.


Luigi Amicone the anarcho-insurrectionist. I did not like this definition given by Luigi Amicone. I lived with Luigi unforgettable years in the same apartment when we were university students, I ate with him, I toured Italy with him, I met many friends. Amicone was not anarcho-insurgency, he was anything but, he had nothing of this label. He followed to the end the Christian event he had encountered, he was free not in the sense of “doing what pleases”, but free in the true sense; he was obedient to the charism of Cl, he was authoritative, he knew how to fascinate, he was able to understand reality in its entirety. This definition therefore says nothing about him. It was just the opposite.

Mario Emanuele Amman

Dear Mario “” anarchoresurrectionalist ” was an ironic definition that Amicone gave of himself. It seems that the creator of the expression was Giovanni Testori and, on several occasions, Gigi used it to explain what was his nature as a Catholic fighting and not clerical. So, I don’t know why you don’t like it, but Gigi certainly liked it as his brother-in-law Francesco Valenti explained well during the presentation of the book in Sassari: “”The anarcho-insurrectionist”: the pun is on the cast of “anarcho-insurrectionist” ; it is a pun in which the word “insurrectionist” has been replaced by “resurrectionist”, and which, it seems, was attributed to Luigi for the first time by Giovanni Testori, whom he met at a young age and attended, and is a definition that Amicone felt very much his. Therefore, with the friends of Tempi, who edited this book, it was immediately thought that it was the definition of himself that he would most love”.

Dear Mario, the book is beautiful, trust me. You find him here.


I point out an initiative of the diocese of Milan that seems interesting to me. The family service of the Milan Diocese, in collaboration with the Third Age Movement, the Nonni 2.0 Association, Adultiplus and New Families, organized in October three evenings for grandparents and parents entitled “Grandparents: a dimension to explore”. The evenings were on line, the first on being elderly before grandparents, the second on the grandparents-children relationship, the third on the grandparents-grandchildren relationship. Surprisingly, the three online evenings saw an impressive number of subscribers (800 people, probably many were couples) and, then, an average of 500 participants, also often in pairs. We wanted to take the cue from the Pope’s very rich catecheses on the elderly who have engaged throughout the year. The structure of each evening was composed of short videos of the Pope’s catecheses, questions to the psychologist Mariolina Migliarese and the family mediator Costanza Marzotto, then testimonies from grandparents and grandchildren.

The large participation, which will be followed by free moments of work between groups in the territory to compare their experience with the ideas given, indicates a need on which it is appropriate to reflect. It seems to me to want to understand more the meaning of one’s daily family life: the meaning of those relationships so important but also so overwhelmed by all possible invasions, from digital, media, impossible rhythms, in a word from the dominant culture. A creative gesture of a grandfather and grandson, a beautiful family tradition what matters in the current context? The fact is that the idea that it does not count has convinced us and makes us not very attentive to everyday family life, so it seems that what happens in the family does not deserve any narrative, except that of the crime chronicle, in favor of the work of destruction of the family. An interesting fact seems to me that, instead, the filmography speaks of it. But if this experience is denied, experience is denied tout court. A note that makes me reflect: of this impressive number of members, few were parents, a bit as if the relationship between the generations also enters into neglect. It is as if individualism has repercussions in the family at the generational level, even if then often the children need grandparents as bab sit

The videos of the three evenings can be found at these links: first meeting second meeting third meeting.

Innocence Laguri Lucini

Thank you, last night was also very nice meeting “Grandparents, parents, grandchildren. The large and supportive family, cornerstone of subsidiarity” attended by Gian Carlo Blangiardo, Francesco Belletti, Peppino Zola. Find the video here.

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