Thus Meloni’s victory archives the old Merkellian-Macronian scheme

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On Ant Mario Mauro he says: “It is, in practice, a new fact for Europe, that in terms of the doctrine of political correctness you will remain unwieldy and politically exposed to the doubts of the European Parliament, while in terms of the relationship between nations Melons right now he has the maximum credibility that an Italian political leader could have had in recent years. “Because meanwhile the leaders of Meloni’s political family are in crucial positions both in positive and negative: Poland, Hungary and what can happen in Spain if it becomes necessary for the formation of the government””.

Mauro explains well how in the States of the European Union political processes of a new type of welding between moderates and conservatives are underway, which those who still have the Merkellian-Macronist schemes of the end of “right and left” are not well able to grasp.

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On Fanpage Tommaso Coluzzi he writes: “The demonstration for peace on November 5, in Rome, will see the participation – announced – of the 5 Star Movement. Without party flags. Giuseppe Conte he officially communicated this on his social channels with a short video, in which he makes clear once again the Grillina position on the war in Ukraine: “For over 200 days a bloody war is pounding Ukraine, have you noticed that you can no longer hear the word peace?”, says the e presidente Chairman of the Board in the video. “These days we hear only about weapons, military strategies, new shipments of war arsenals. But the assumptions of negotiation, diplomatic work, hopes for peace seem not to warm the hearts of politics and mainstream media””.

The statements of Silvio Berlusconi on Vladimir Putin e Volodymyr Zelensky they are dangerously out of control and it is right to be worried. But the political moves of Conte ed Enrico Lounger not only are they worrying but also deeply ridiculous. Conte on the one hand wants to cease military support in Kiev and together demands that Antonio Taj it is not Foreign Minister because its leader does not support Kiev enough, Sunbed attacks the center-right because inside it there are those who appreciate Putin and proposes to coordinate an opposition with a Count who organizes objectively pro-Putin demonstrations. How is it possible that people who have been playing politics on the national scene for a few decades as Cot and for a few years as Conte, escape the ridiculous side of their positions? Can they really think that the cover of the Republic for one and the Daily Fact for the other are enough to hide the fundamental senselessness of their political proposal? Are we at a stage where the dissolution of reason can reach these levels?

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On Affaritaliani it writes: “Europe has reached the agreement on the ceiling on the price of gas, the agreement in the end is a compromise between all the various positions of the 27 EU countries, which satisfies and displeases but which establishes a first concrete step for lowering methane prices. Satisfied the president Von der Ley: “40 billion euros to mitigate prices”. Finally the agreement came. After a meeting of the European Council that lasted almost twelve hours. The twenty-seven heads of State and government agreed to give a “full and clear” mandate to the European Commission to take “concrete decisions” on the price cap at the Amsterdam FTT (of course under the conditions set, namely that it must be temporary, of last resort and that it does not endanger supplies). The leaders, however, gave a mandate to the Commission and the Energy ministers also to analyze a framework for the leader but they gave a mandate to the Commission and the Energy ministers also to analyze a framework for the price cap for gas used for the production of electricity (for an extension of the Iberian model)”.

It’s fair to say, how did he do it Mario Draghi, which “went well”. After the responses on COVID and those on the war in Ukraine, the European Union has found an agreement that could perhaps also open the way to a community management of part of the debt of European states such as Olaf Scholz he gave a glimpse. The satisfaction with the positive result, however, can not make you forget the dramatic reality problems still faced by the States of the European Union. Just think of the new Franco-German quarrels over defense investments. The idea of relying only on point-to-point convergences seasoned with the propagandistic rhetoric that Community cohesion is always found, even at the last minute, conceals the tremendous difficulty in dealing politically with the problems facing the Union and which will never find a concrete solution without a real Constitution legitimized by the popular vote.

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On Starmag Marco Dell’aguzzo he writes: “Last week Algeria – along with India, China and thirty-two other countries-abstained from the UN General Assembly resolution condemning Russia’s (illegal) annexation of four regions of Ukraine. “The resolution was supported by 143 nations, the highest number ever recorded since the beginning of the Russian invasion,”he said.

It was absolutely right on the part of the government Dragon find an agreement with Algiers to address the dramatic problems of our gas supply. However, one should be more cautious when it is argued that this choice decisively helps to isolate Moscow. Countering Russian aggression against Ukraine is also a moral duty, but blinding oneself with rhetoric and propaganda leads nowhere.

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