U.C. Berkeley temporarily placed on lockdown after ‘credible threats of violence’

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The University of California, Berkeley was placed on lockdown temporarily on Thursday after “serious and credible threats of violence” were made toward people at the campus.

At about 7:30 a.m. the University of California Police Department learned that a person affiliated with the university made threats of violence toward specific individuals working or studying at U.C. Berkeley.

Police then issued a shelter-in-place order urging people on campus to go inside and stay away from windows and doors and those not on campus to stay away from the area.

UCPD officers located the person at an off-campus location at about 2 p.m. and lifted the lockdown after establishing that the person posed “no immediate threat.”

Local news outlet KTVU reported that a U.C. Berkeley student was detained after allegedly making the threats and was taken in for a psychiatric evaluation and placed on suspension from the university.

In-person classes at the university were canceled for the rest of the day and campus services such as libraries, dining and parking garages were also closed until further notice.

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