Why is the economy saving gas? DIHK: Because companies go bankrupt

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Laut DIHK sinkt der Gasverbrauch in der deutschen Wirtschaft, weil immer mehr Betriebe pleite gehen. According to DIHK, gas consumption in the German economy is falling because more and more companies are going bankrupt.

Why is the economy saving gas? DIHK: Because companies go bankrupt

BERLIN. The German economy could save almost no more gas. According to the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK), more and more companies are being forced to restrict their production or close their operations. Many companies are therefore in a “struggle for survival”.

Energy consumption has also fallen sharply because many companies go bankrupt due to inflation and no longer need gas. According to DIHK President Peter Adrian, the decline in consumption in the economy is now more and more often the result of plant shutdowns or production restrictions.

DIHK-Survey of 3500 companies

The remaining companies consider their savings in gas consumption to be largely exhausted. 60 Percent of the companies see no or only very low potentials of up to two percent in the next five years. This is the result of the survey of more than 3,500 companies from all industries by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry published on Wednesday.

Only 20 percent, according to their own assessment, can dispense with two to five percent of their previous consumption. Only a further fifth also believe that a reduction of more than five percent in their energy consumption is still possible.

Further gas saving “simply unrealistic”

“The struggle for survival of the companies in view of the exploding energy prices has led to the fact that the short-term operational potential has been exhausted,” said the DIHK President. “Therefore, further targets to reduce gas consumption even more during ongoing production operations are simply unrealistic.“

Therefore, it is now necessary to look for other ways “to mobilize additional gas or to save gas, for example, in electricity generation,” Adrian said. “This is the only way we will avoid bankruptcies and maintain value chains.“ A survey by the Association of Family Entrepreneurs recently came to similarly gloomy results. (fh)

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